It seems Twitter has taken the world by storm in the past two years, perhaps rocket-fueled by the unprecedented amount of presidential tweets. That’s not only good fodder for writers in general, but for comedians, lyricists, and dramatists. However, Twitter has a purpose for writers in many other ways, too. Have you ever participated in a Twitter Pitch? I have not, but I plan to engage in pitching very soon. Writing a twenty-five word pitch describing your 80,000-100,000 word novel is a lofty goal, so I’m taking an online class in hopes of learning how to succeed at it. Does that make me less of a writer? I’m not sure, but anything that teaches me how to write using less words with more meaning sounds good to me.

I can’t help but wonder  . . .  Are Twitter Pitches the new “slush pile” for publishers and agents? It’s an interesting concept. What are your thoughts?

Originally Posted at Romance Ninjas