BL Online Book Launch

Come and join us on May 17th for our online celebration of the launch of Black Lightning! We’ll have prizes, games, contests, and an author QandA!

You can pre-order the book now via Amazon or Barnes and Noble or Mirror World Publishing!

Life moves on — no matter what…

Following his father’s puzzling disappearance and his mother’s death, ten-year-old Samuel Baker goes through the motions of living in a world turned upside down. He wears an Apache talisman, a long ago gift from his father, in hopes its promise of strength and guidance is true. But what he truly wants is the power to bring his parents back.

Heartless Aunt Janis is elated at the prospect of becoming Samuel’s legal guardian. She is sure an orphan boy will elicit such an outpouring of public sympathy that her husband will win his Senate bid by a landslide. But when Grandpa Tate arrives, things don’t go as expected, especially when black lightning strikes!

Middle Grade, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Adventure. This book is 132 pages.