FB Banner 2 books with photo

The launch of my second book, BLACK LIGHTNING, had a few surprises. The best was having lots more people attend the Facebook Book Launch than was expected! Thank goodness for a few “behind the scenes” saviors for keeping everything together and on track, including my wonderful publisher, Mirror World. The next surprise was having Facebook claim I was posting too fast in the midst of the launch (I was typing and posting like a fiend!) then deciding to block me. Seriously, I was thrown out of my own party. It’s sort of funny now, but not so much at the time. Lastly, a few minutes after the launch ended, a real┬ástorm including lightning, thunder, wind, rain, and hail the size of tennis balls, hit battering my home and breaking windows, destroying outbuildings, demolishing outdoor chairs, garden cabinets, trees, and my beloved vegetable garden! It was one of the biggest storms I have ever experienced.

The BLACK LIGHTNING storm with so many friends, family, readers, and publishing staff attending the book launch was amazing, but I could have done without Mother Nature’s attendance.

I hope you’re enjoying my first middle-grade novel called BLACK LIGHTNING!

Until next time …