It’s Finally Here!

Shadow of the Hawk is here! The release date for my debut novel was officially set for February 10, 2015. Much to my surprise, I received an email from a friend (thanks, Katy!) announcing that she had just purchased my book on Amazon at 9:15pm on February 9th–what a thrill it was to hear those words! Now that the novel is out, my heart and soul are satisfied. Somewhere deep inside was an urgent need to pass this story on to you. At times, I feared Sooze Williams would never get to tell anyone but me her story. I’m glad she now has you to listen, too.

Shadow of the Hawk releasing Feb 10th!

There has been much discussion on whether a trailer is needed when a book is published. I have listened to all the thoughts and advice, and after spending hours/days/months researching the subject, I can honestly say that a few trailers actually caused me to buy the book. However, not all book trailers do their job. Some have caused me to run screaming from the room the moment their music started, or the flashing scenes flickered, or the rapid time-lapse video zoomed across my computer screen. Finding the ‘pause or stop’ button simply was not fast enough. I had to turn away or leave completely until the video finished. Now, I open book trailers cautiously. With that said, a book trailer for my new novel is nearing completion, and the drafts have been stunning! Even I want to buy my book! A trailer gives its audience a glimpse into the novel’s story in such a way that even avid readers will be drawn in as if they are avid movie-goers instead. That’s what a great book trailer does for a novel. And the trailer for SHADOW OF THE HAWK will be well worth the minute it takes to watch it. I feel honored to have worked with the incredibly talented staff at COS Productions.



Galleys ~

The world of eBooks is fairly new to me, and with all the changes the publishing world has had in the last few years, I barely recognize the rules I once struggled so hard to learn. My book SHADOW OF THE HAWK has been assigned a release date (yay!) which is February 10, 2015. Just today, I finished my Galley edits and I am anxiously awaiting my cover art. Didn’t these deadlines used to be two-three months earlier? It seems so odd that the content edits, line edits, proof edits, galleys, cover art, all happen within a few months time. Knowing how quickly all of this can happen now, makes this industry all the more exciting!