Twitter Followers @KSJones2011

If you’re one of my Twitter-followers @KSJones2011, let me apologize now. I’ve been part of a Twitter Flash Mob for #CleanReads and I have never sent out so many tweets (and retweets) in my life! But I must say, I can get pretty creative when I need to be. I even tweeted about my dog not being in my book … No, seriously.

It’s Not As Easy As One Might Think …

To move on, that is. Now that the book is published, a writer should set it aside and write another one, right? Not so fast … I have found that the hardest thing to do is to move on to the writing of the next book, because all the characters from this one moved into my house lock, stock and barrel. They slept in the same room with me, ate dinner at the same table, they even showered when I did. And frankly, they didn’t move out when the book ended. So now, I have a wonderful ten-year-old boy and his grandfather wanting to move in. And I want them to move in! But it’s crowded in a weird sort of way. It’s as if separate dimensions exist within my walls. People from each book reside on a different plane, and although they never meet, it’s my home so I live with all of them. I wonder what it’s like at Stephen King’s house?

Clean Reads

March 3rd is a big day! The publisher of my book, SHADOW OF THE HAWK, is Stephanie Taylor of Astraea Press. Stephanie started her company in 2010 because she was certain there was a market for non-erotic publishers. You know, books that just refuse to “go to far.” Stephanie believed in herself and in her dreams, and she has stood strong for readers and writers like me who had no other champion for their literary palates. I am proud to announce, as of today, Astraea Press is now known as, “CLEAN READS. All Story. No Guilt.” You are safe to pick up any Clean Reads book and know that you’re holding one of the best stories on the market today—with no guilt about reading it in front of your children, spouse, or the public! and soon at I am proud to be a CLEAN READS author!