Galleys ~

The world of eBooks is fairly new to me, and with all the changes the publishing world has had in the last few years, I barely recognize the rules I once struggled so hard to learn. My book SHADOW OF THE HAWK has been assigned a release date (yay!) which is February 10, 2015. Just today, I finished my Galley edits and I am anxiously awaiting my cover art. Didn’t these deadlines used to be two-three months earlier? It seems so odd that the content edits, line edits, proof edits, galleys, cover art, all happen within a few months time. Knowing how quickly all of this can happen now, makes this industry all the more exciting!

Reading eBooks is simple!


An easy way to get a really good free reading app is to go to:… – You can download the app to your home computer or to your phone then you can read free books or purchase books that will be made available to you all the time. You’ll own the book, so you will be able to access it any time, forever. I especially love the ease of reading an eBook from my desktop computer via the Kindle Cloud–the font is easy to read and the books are quickly accessible! (By the way, just because it’s named ‘Kindle Cloud’ or ‘Kindle Reading’ app, it doesn’t mean you need a kindle device.) Lots of other Reading Apps are available, too! Just to name a few …





Soon To Be Released!

Henry Alexander Buckner photo 2
My grandfather as a young man during America’s Great Depression.

With the finish line in sight, I’ve become obsessed with having the perfect novel! Edits, revisions, rewrites, spellcheck, spellcheck, spellcheck … I am anxiously awaiting the galleys for my Depression-era novel SHADOW OF THE HAWK. It will be my last chance to revise those pesky words that keep me up at night. More details on the actual release date soon!