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Change of Fortune

The 1849 Gold Rush is no place for a refined young woman on her own, but Quinn plans to become a businesswoman, independent, and capable of earning her own way. First, though, she must escape her wealthy but abusive father with her inherited dowry intact.

With her hopes and dreams buried deep by secrets, she flees to California’s gold country, a rugged man’s land where only the strong survive. Battling blackmail, fraud, and deception, Quinn must face the most divisive lie of all—her own. 

An Amazon “Top 100” in American Historical Fiction!

“A headstrong heroine struggling to make a new life for herself on the wild frontier, a stalwart business owner offering her an opportunity, and ruthless villains to keep her from realizing her dream. Add a sweet, slow-burn romance, and you have a book that’s hard to put down.” – New York Times Bestselling Author Chris Enss 8XBET KUBET 188BET KUBET KUBET CASINO KUBET