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Talking Words


A writer’s first thought is usually, “I hope readers like my book.” That ranks high on the list until the book is ready for its release, and then that thought becomes, “I hope readers buy my book!”

Audio Interview

Listen to the Hill Country Podcast Interview with Texas Author K.S. Jones!


Listen to Author Talk with K. S. Jones and Susanna Lane!

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Did The Universe Steal Your Story?

I’ve had so much writing advice over the years that it’s hard to use much of it anymore. It’s just a sea to swim in. I’ve filed it all away in my subconscious, and I pull out what’s needed whenever it’s needed. 

To Scare, Or Not To Scare

October is the perfect month to talk about a genre I’ll probably never write. Horror. That’s not to say I won’t write paranormal, or stories of haunted …


20 Great Quotes

Inspiring quotes start my days in a creative frame of mind. Before my daily writing begins, I choose, at random, a quote for the day. Sort of a dose of inspiration that often comes with a slap of reality. Some of my favorites come straight from a …

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When Words Awaken

Words have cadence. Their rhythm has order. When the right chord is struck, the sound of thought is created. It’s music, really. Letters strung together, spaces added, are the writer’s …

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Sounding It Out

UPCOMING POST: Sounding It Out

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Places We Write

UPCOMING: Places We Write

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It’s Those Words

UPCOMING POST: It’s Those Words