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A writer’s first thought is usually, “I hope readers like my book.” That ranks high on the list until the book is ready for its release, and then that thought becomes, “I hope readers buy my book!”

Two Sides of Truth

Two Sides of Truth

From Award Winning author K.S. Jones, a great American novel illuminating the past with thoughtful and often insightful glimpses of a heritage many today have forgotten.

(A premiere re-introduction to a novel previously titled “Shadow of the Hawk.”)

A fateful decision spurs a perilous journey to save a life…

Authors Over 50 with K.S. Jones

Authors Over 50 – K.S. Jones Interview

My guest today comes to us from the beautiful Texas Hill Country where she writes Historical Fiction and Romance. In 2014, Southern Writers magazine awarded her their grand prize for “Best Short Fiction” of the year, and soon after, her first two novels saw publication. Her work has garnered numerous literary awards, including the Chaucer Award, the RONE Award, the Literary Classics International Book Award, and the coveted WILLA Literary Award from Women Writing the West. Her newest novel, CHANGE OF FORTUNE, was released this past February and within hours it rose to #30 on Amazon’s list of the Top 100 in American Historical Romances. The novel is already in its third printing.

The Hill Country Podcast Interview with Author K.S. Jones

Author K.S. Jones Audio Interview

Listen to the Hill Country Podcast Interview with Texas Author K.S. Jones!


Listen to Author Talk with K. S. Jones and Susanna Lane!

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Sounding It Out