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Tastefully Texas

Book One in the TRUE HEARTS OF TEXAS series.

A few things in Texas remain constant: livestock shows, rodeos, and cowboys, and Chef Mia Ellis rejects them all.

With a Culinary Arts degree as proof that a cosmopolitan lifestyle awaits her, she buys a ticket to New York, only to get an urgent call to return to the Hill Country. Mia finds herself completely unprepared for the town and the people she has outgrown. Her salvation is cooking-it’s all that separates her from her hometown roots-but with NYC on hold, she needs a job. A dishwashing gig at a bar and grill is all that’s available.

When Mia reconnects with her old high school sweetheart and heir to a Texas Century Ranch, she realizes she may still have a taste for Texas after all. 8XBET KUBET 188BET KUBET KUBET CASINO KUBET