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Once in a Bluebonnet Moon

A Contemporary Western Romance, Book Two, set in the Texas Hill Country!

For airline pilot Addy Piper, the sky became a refuge from her past. Stripped of a family as a teenager, loneliness had settled where love belonged. Now, after an industry-wide furlough, she’s lost her plane, her friends, and life as she knows it—again.

In need of a place to stay while interviewing as a private pilot for a Texas Hill Country billionaire, Addy chooses a Bed and Breakfast from an outdated brochure that is nearly a replica of her beloved childhood home.

The owner of The Bluebonnet House, Jack Brown, admits he should have closed it four years ago when his wife died, but every time he looks at his six-year-old daughter, he sees her mother and just can’t let go of the dream.

Lonely and alone, the pilot and the widower turn to each other only to find that neither is meant for love.

When forced to confront painful memories, the bruised and broken pieces of their hearts will open, or close completely, to a future no one, especially them, believes can exist.

“This is a great new series!”