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Tastefully Texas

With a Culinary Arts degree as proof that a cosmopolitan lifestyle awaits her, Mia buys a ticket to New York, only to get an urgent call to come home to the Texas Hill Country.

Completely unprepared for the town and the people she has outgrown, she turns to cooking—it is all that separates her from her hometown roots—but with NYC on hold, she needs a job, but “dishwasher” at a bar and grill is all that’s available.

When Mia reconnects with her old high school sweetheart and heir to a Texas Century Ranch, she realizes she may still have a taste for Texas after all.

Once in a Bluebonnet Moon

For airline pilot Addy Piper, flying is her life, so when an industry-wide furlough sends her job-hunting, she heads to the Texas Hill Country for an interview. She chooses a B&B from an outdated brochure, showing up unannounced. The owner of The Bluebonnet House admits he should have closed it years ago when his wife died, but when he looks at his daughter, he sees her mother and can’t let go of the dream. Lonely and alone, the pilot and the widower are confronted by a future no one, including them, believes can exist. 8XBET KUBET 188BET KUBET KUBET CASINO KUBET